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Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin (1kg)

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It can be used for crafting jewelry e.g. ring, pendant, keychain, miniature, badge and etc.

Tips: 1kg Epoxy Resin able to craft more than 100 pieces of ring, pendant or keychain.


*Mix the Resin and Hardener with correct ratio 2 : 1, example (100g Resin : 50g Hardener), (20g Resin : 10g Hardener) or etc

*The mixed epoxy resin take 24 hours for fully dry

*Use a heat gun when applying the epoxy resin can reduce the bubble 


*Do not consume and smell the epoxy resin, work at a place with ventilation

*Do not contact with skin and eyes, wear gloves when applying epoxy resin and wear safety goggle/mask if necessary

*Keep away from underage children

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